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No matter the complexity, no matter the scope, at Simpson Fence we enjoy a good challenge. All we ask is for a shot to earn your business, then sit back and let our fence company impress you with on-time, on-budget installation. Not only do we install state-of-the-art gate operators, both solar and electronic, our team services them as well. Missing a hard-to-find part? Our parts team most likely has it, and if not we can hunt it down. Need a stress reducer? Call us at 513-424-5110 to ask about our commercial fence service & maintenance plans. We will ensure your gates are operating at peak performance 24/7/365.

Commercial Fence Installation

Protect your business with a quality security commercial fence! When just any fence is not good enough – hire Simpson Fence, the best security fence company in the business.

The most common types of commercial fences:

Click the commercial fence gallery (AT THE RIGHT) to see the most common types of commercial fence installations.

Galvanized Chain-Link Fence – Commonly used to enclose commercial and industrial properties. Sometimes installed with privacy slats for areas such as Dumpster Enclosures. There is also a Vinyl Coated Chain Link option, typically used around stadiums, schools, and residences.

Aluminum Fence – Fences are no longer used only as boundaries. They also frame your home, garden, swimming pool, and/or patio. They are a great way to add value to your property. Unlike wrought iron, aluminum fences are strong and durable but won’t rust. That means no scraping and repainting every few years. And our Aluminum Fences come with a lifetime limited warranty that promises the fence will be free from manufacturing defects.

Ornamental Steel Fence – A combination of aesthetics and security, nothing compares to a Steel Fence. Fully welded panels with profusion technology, no visible rivets or screws, E-coat surface and protection. And it meets the “Buy American” Act. It’s the fence Simpson uses to secure our property, so you know it has to be INVINCIBLE!

Vinyl Fence – Vinyl fences do not require painting or staining. A Vinyl Fence will not rot, warp or splinter. Vinyl fences will look good and last significantly longer than wood fences with minor maintenance. And like our Aluminum Fences, our Vinyl Fences come with a lifetime limited warranty that promises the fence will be free from manufacturing defects.

Commercial & Industrial Manual Gates and Gate Operators

Increase property security with commercial gate operators. Simpson Fence has been installing commercial fences and gates in the Dayton OhioCincinnati Ohio area for 50 years and counting! Our proven experts will bring you the range of options needed for the perfect access point to your fences and property. Our team of specialists is a proven resource for your business.

Commercial Fence with Security Gate West Chester Ohio

Gate Operators – Add considerable security and convenience with an (automatic) Gate Operator paired with an Access Control Panel. Simpson Fence has a collective of 100+ years of experience installing Commercial and Industrial fencing and gates in the Southwest Ohio area. Our experienced team will provide a range of options that best suit your needs. We sell, install, and service a wide variety of Gate Operators including… Lift Master, High Security, Apollo, and Door King.

Roll Gates –These are typically used as part of a chain-link fence installation. If the opening has a grade or sloped opening, or if there is limited space, roll gates are a good option versus a swing gate.

Rolling gates use rear guide wheels that attach to the gate that runs on a track attached to the adjoining fence. The track will follow the slope or rising elevation, allowing the gate to also follow the terrain as it travels along the track. There is a wheel assembly at the front of the gate. This assembly is located at the bottom of the gate and travels on the ground. If you have a sloped opening, the gate will travel with the slope. Good option if your interest is to install a manual gate.

Cantilever Gates – These are also considered slide gates, but this type of gate is best to install on a flat or level surface due to its weight. Cantilever Gates roll freely, however, they are very heavy. Typically used with a Chain Link, Aluminum or a Steel Fence. Depending upon the size, Cantilever Gates are usually paired with a gate operator and access control panel.

Swing Gates –Swing Gates are a popular choice among our Residential Clients. A major difference between a Single and Double Swing Gate is a single gate only requires one gate operator, whereas a double gate requires two gate operators that communicate back and forth. Best used on even terrain, swing gates are a great option if you want to make a statement!

Seeking an access control system?

Simpson Fence installs a wide variety of high-security commercial fences and electric gates. Installing an electric gate provides an additional level of security and convenience.

Don’t Forget!

Complement your commercial fence and fence gates with a wide variety of long-lasting ADA rails for your patios, decks, and stairways.

Our commercial fence and gates installation project coordinators will meet with your property managers, so we can be completely transparent with our work and provide you the commercial fencing your business is seeking.

Safety Always Comes First

We appreciate the importance of security and safety in and around your property. Our team at Simpson Fence follows standards to ensure that the work is safety compliant – for themselves, for you and your customers. Rest assured all of our installation crews carry liability insurance which can be provided upon request. Plus, all of our crews are covered by the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation.

Temporary Chain Link Fence Rental

Temporary Chain Link Fence Rental

For commercial or industrial projects ask about our temporary 6ft tall chain-link fence rental solution. There are a variety of options for anchoring the fence.

A temporary chain-link fence is a great option to create a safety barrier around the perimeter of your project. One month, three month, 6 month and yearly fence rental pricing options are available.

Our posts are installed using portable stands that are anchored with 60-pound sandbags. It is commonly used as a permanent fence for residential construction perimeters, park events, and road improvement projects.

Southwest Ohio Fence and Gate Repair Services

We Install and Repair all Major Gate Operator Brands

A reliable gate operator is vital. The Simpson Fence Gate Operator Team has over 75 years of collective experience installing and repairing commercial fences and gates! When you need the best installation, repair, and maintenance services available, we are here for you. Simpson Fence not only installs electric gates, but we also repair them. Our bestselling operators are Door King Gate Operators and Lift Master Operators.

Damage to your commercial fence or gate can debilitate your business. Even if Simpson Fence did not install your commercial or industrial fence or gate, we will service it. Just call and ask for an estimate!

How Secure Is Your Business?

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Fences add security to your business. We are known for using the highest quality fence materials along with professional installation techniques to safeguard your property.

Business owners have an appreciation for Simpson Fence and their years of experience. Our commercial fence installation team is trained and experienced in protecting industrial and commercial areas with fencing material that will last.

Simpson Fence is insured and bondable.

Fence and gate security systems that work with your budget!

Look no further. Our knowledgeable commercial fence sales team will work with you to understand, evaluate, and recommend the right security gate, operator, access control system, and fence solution for your property. Even if you are never under threat, fences and gates add security and peace of mind, night and day, 24/7. Sleep better knowing your enterprise is protected.

Simpson Fence has been in business for 50 years serving the Southwest Ohio region. Call us and schedule your fence and/or gate installation today!

Need a Commercial Fence Company? Get A Professional Estimate!

Looking for more information regarding the industrial and commercial fence services we provide? Schedule a free on-site inspection. The best way to get the results you are looking for is to make the call or stop in and meet our staff. We are open Monday through Friday 8:00AM to 4:00PM and Saturday by appointment only.

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