Kentucky Board Fence Installation in Middletown, Ohio

A “Kentucky Board” fence is a type of wooden fence that has traditionally graced the property of homes and pastures in rural settings. Because of its low cost and cool “rustic” look, the Kentucky Board fence has become a popular option for HOAs and homeowners in suburban and urban areas.

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Kentucky Board Fence Installation in Middletown, Ohio 1

What Type of Wood is Used to Build a Kentucky Board Fence?

The Kentucky Board fences you’ll commonly see in the Miami Valley region consist of Poplar wood “rails” and “cover boards” secured to severe weather-treated pine 4x4x8 fence posts. For additional security, a vinyl-coated wire liner is added to keep four-legged family members within the confines of the fence! 

Can You Stain a Kentucky Board Fence?

Absolutely! Often you will see Kentucky Board fences painted or stained to match the residence’s trim and the surrounding landscape. But as always, you’ll need to let the wood “season” before applying paint or stain! That is part of the versatility of this type of fence.

Why Should YOU Get a Kentucky Board Fence?

A Kentucky board fence is an excellent low-cost alternative to chain link, aluminum and vinyl fences. The fence adds charm and security to your home. And because the origins of Kentucky Board fences were initially designed to keep livestock inside an enclosure, they will undoubtedly keep the pups in your yard of all shapes and sizes!

Kentucky Board Fence Installation in Middletown, Ohio 2

Trust an Experienced Fencing Pro for Installation

Fly-by-night fence companies come and go; however, those with a long track record in business will always be your best alternative. When it’s time to consider installing a Kentucky Board fence, hiring a professional fence company that has been in business for over 50+ years is best. Why is that important?

Simpson Fence has years of experience installing Kentucky Board fences and can help guide you through the entire process, from designing the layout to ensuring the fence is installed correctly; Simpson Fence is here to help.

The Benefits of Working with Simpson Fence

One of the many benefits of working with Simpson Fence is our commitment to using high-quality materials and techniques. We use only the best materials for our Kentucky Board fence projects, ensuring that your fence will last for years. 

In addition to our expertise with Kentucky board fences, Simpson Fence offers a wide range of other installation and maintenance services. Whether an Aluminum, Vinyl or Steel fence, we can help. We also repair our fences for as long as required. However, we don’t repair or modify residential fences we did not install originally. We prioritize the customers who put their trust, faith and fence in us!

Every property has unique requirements, so we offer tailored solutions to deliver the best results. With over 50+ years of experience, we have earned a reputation as a trusted name among homeowners and business owners throughout the SW Ohio region and proudly serve the following communities:

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