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Split rail fences are a classic and timeless addition to any residential or commercial property. With its rustic and natural look, split rail fencing can add charm and character to your home or business. This fence style is often used in rural and country areas, but they are becoming increasingly popular as a great option in urban areas too.

If you are considering a split rail fence for your property, it’s an excellent choice, but there are some important things to keep in mind. From the type of wood used for split rail fencing to its low maintenance to decorative purposes; Simpson Fence can help with your project in the SW Ohio area.

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What is the Best Wood to use for Split Rail Fence?

The first thing to consider when choosing a split rail fence is the type of wood you want to use. Split rail fences can be made from a variety of woods, each with its own unique characteristics and advantages. The most popular woods used for split rail fences are cedar, pine, and oak. We’ll cover the unique benefits and potential drawbacks of each…

A Cedar Wood Fence

Cedar is a popular choice for split rail fences because it is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage. It also has a beautiful, natural color that can be left to age naturally or stained to match the color of your home or other structures on your property. Cedar is also lightweight and easy to work with, making it a good choice for DIY projects, but can be a bit pricey depending on the size of the project.

Pine Wooden Fences

Pine is another popular choice for split rail fences. It is affordable and widely available, making it a good option for those on a budget. However, pine is not as durable as cedar or oak and may require more maintenance over time. Pine also has a more yellowish color than cedar, which may not be as visually appealing to some.

Oak Fencing

Of all the typical wood types used in split rail fencing, oak is the most durable and long-lasting wood used. It is strong and heavy, making it resistant to damage from wind and weather. Oak also has a beautiful grain pattern and natural color that will age well over time. However, oak is the most expensive option and may not be within everyone’s budget.

Image showing most Split Rail Fences that are highly durable and property owners love them.

Split Rail Fence Installation in Ohio

Once you have chosen the type of wood for your split rail fence, it’s time to consider the installation process. While some homeowners may choose to install their split rail fence themselves, it’s often best to hire a professional to ensure the job is done correctly. Simpson Fence is a trusted and experienced fence installation company that can help with all your split rail fence needs.

Simpson Fence has years of experience installing split rail fences and can help guide you through the entire process, from designing your fencing to selecting the perfect wood to ensure the fence is installed properly, Simpson Fence has you covered. We stand behind our work and are available to help with any repairs or maintenance your fence may need over time.

Benefits of Split Rail Fencing & Local Wooden Fence Contractors

One of the benefits of working with Simpson Fence is our commitment to using high-quality materials and techniques. To get the best wood split rail fence, you need the best local fencing contractor – Simpson Fence! We use advanced new fence installation techniques to ensure that the fence is installed correctly and will withstand the elements.

Another benefit of working with Simpson Fence is our commitment to customer satisfaction. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your fence meets your needs and exceeds expectations. 

In addition to our expertise with split rail fences, Simpson Fence also offers a wide range of other fence installation and maintenance services. Whether you need a privacy fence, a chain-link fence, or a custom fence for your business, we can help. 

We understand that every property has unique requirements, so we offer tailored solutions to deliver the best results. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we have earned a reputation as a trusted name among homeowners and business owners throughout the SW Ohio area and proudly serve the following communities:

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